About Scientie
Our goals

We founded Scientie in Brazil in 2016, with the aim of building AI technologies and Data Science and proving that they could help to provide better health treatments.

We have two simple goals at Scientie.

First, to make a practical difference to patients, nurses and doctors and support them and healthcare systems. We hope that our technologies will help to save lives, improve care and support the healthcare systems we know and respect.

Second, to make Scientie a self-sustaining initiative, through hospitals, pharmaceuticals industry, health systems, health plans, choosing to pay us for our software if they think they can have a positive impact on clinical outcomes and experience. We aren't looking to maximise profit, but rather to achieve sustainability so we can continue to grow our team, work with more healthcare actors and help more patients.

If you share our excitement at the potential to make a difference, we'd love to hear from you!

Our goals

We grow working in healthcare, and many of us also work in hospitals. All of us at Scientie are passionately committed to make a better healthcare and what it represents, and we want to help you continue to deliver world-class health care to patients in need.

Our team brings together doctors and clinical academics with world-leading experts in technology and security. Find out more about us here!

Results so far...


Results so far...


Results so far...